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Secure a future for you and your family... where life is free and living is cheap!!! PERMANENT RESIDENCY PERMANENT RESIDENCY APPLY Find out more... Permanent life Residency Fast-track the paperwork to get your Permanent Residency Card while there�s still time!  Secure a FUTURE for you and your family , in the only place in the world to offer such an easy and  unique in the world, residency package, and in the space of a week.  You keep your freedom:  rights are open with no minimum residency time to complete. Once the red tape is through, you come and go whenever you wish. Paraguayan ID CARD Paraguayan ID CARD APPLY Find out more... The Paraguayan ID Card opens doors to every country in South America (MERCOSUR) as full resident just like any other South American citizen!  The Paraguayan ID Card doubles up as your passport and opens new rights to:         buy any kind of real estate        (houses, hacienda, estencia, ranches...)        open bank accounts, get loans        start a company, get a job, and more. The Key to all South America Legal SECOND PASSPORT Legal SECOND PASSPORT INFO Find out more... Get legal Second Passport
Who we are We offer the full package of services you need to prepare your expatriation project and settle into your new home country — PARAGUAY. This one-stop fast-track solution covers all your administrative procedures: - immigration papers: Permanent Residency Card, Paraguayan ID Card, legal Second Passport... - Opening Bank accounts - House-move and relocation logistics: freight container, paperwork, packing list, customs clearance, flights and travel... - finding a home: rentals, buying, buy-to-let - registering business - investment ventures and business opportunities, etc. Our offices are in Asunción, the Paraguayan capital. We work in connection with the Dirección General de Migraciones — the immigration authorities — and liaise with state notaries, specialist lawyers and sworn translators. We are ready to meet you right off the plane at Paraguay’s international gateway Silvio Pettirossi International Airport — Asunción. We offer all-mod-cons accommodation at our center, or we can book you into a hotel. Welcome to Paraguay : the country where life is good...!
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Our services facilitate the process of getting a Second Passport through legal channel.